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I, artist Lotte Kjøller, born in 1966 in Køge, Denmark. I have exhibited many  places. I debuted at the danish Artists Exhibition in 1995 and got 3 works becomes the same place 1996. In 1997 I was on scholarship trip to Paris, where I studied at the art academy og fine arts Ecole Des Beaux Artes. Before that I was in 3-year apprenticeship with artist Jeff Ibbo. Now I've got the professional quality status both as a member of the Artists' Association in Denmark (BKF) and the Danish Writers Association (DFF) as an illustrator and poet. I have exhibited widely both in Denmark and the rest of the world. I paint acrylic on canvas. As an artist, I am most famous for painting naked people. I have done that all my life. I'm also working to put more canvas upholstery together for 1 picture and in all possible canvas formats. Moreover I makes installations, draw, illustrate, doing sculpture, teaches and talks. My paintings are always acrylic on canvas or wood, sculpture of stoneware, and lithography are stone pressure on cotton paper.

See my site: where there are works full CV, etc.



Our body is our mind's housing and is completely natural - with and without clothes. All bodies regardless of age, color and sex is beautiful. We humans undergoing a transformation in life. Both we and our bodies change. We must sometimes struggle to achieve our desires and emerge stronger/ adults out there - and ahead in life. Our naked body symbolizes vulnerability and honesty in art. This is depicted in the image, the color's height, depth and effect. The style is abstract-expressive with figurative layers as Bonnard and Cobra and the colour symbolic, sparkling with silver/ gold emphasis.


- Also Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden without problems. Only after the fall they got dressed!



Lotte Kjøller/Lotte Kjoeller

Bogholder Alle 66 kl th. 2720 Vanloese





Tel: +45 2383 0717

BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: Born in South Africa 1943 but has been living in Denmark for many years. Studered at Guildford School of Art, Guildford and Royal School of Art, London

1966-1971. Member of Monsoon Images, Photonica,

1983, New York, New York & Billedhus, Member of Copenhagen.


BARRY PRINGLES ARTIST STATEMENT: Nudity has been here for decades-it is not a big problem.



Barry Pringle

Strandgade 1, 3000 Helsingør

Denmark, +45 26364626

Photographer Esben Fog

 Esben Fog has held photographic exhibitions since the late 1990’s.

Esben has a narrative approach to his work, working mainly with staged photography. This entails arranged scenes, with carefully choreographed, planned images. Rather than recording and interpreting the physical world, he creates alternative realities in small figurative worlds, where the observer is invited in to explore and participate in these new realities that in turn slowly disclose yet more narratives.

Esben has worked mainly with film/analogue techniques and is now increasingly working with digital format.   

Esben’s portfolio is primarily of the nude human body. Clothing gives a figure a defined identity, situated in a defined time. Unclothed the figure transcends time and place and becomes universal.

Esben is a member of the “Danish historical photographical Society” and finds inspiration from the works of old photographers such as Henry Peach Robinson and Oscar Gustav Rejlander. Painters have also been a rich source of inspiration.


Exhibitions in art galleries, public places, cafes and restaurants in Denmark, among them “The Danish Museum of Photographic Arts.”

Latest exhibitions:

2019: Pakhuset kulturhus, Nykøbing Sj,  (art museum and cultural center on Sealand). 2018: 7 exhibitions, among them “vARTe” (art museum and cultural center in Jutland) and “Odeon” a new cultural center in central Odense. 2017: 4 exhibitions, among them “SAK” (Svendborg art museum and gallery). Esben Fog’s work has been featured in newspapers and photo magazines, among them “Danish photography” and “Kunstavisen” (The artmagasin). Short documentary on Danish television.

Esben Fog. 

Edvard Brandes Gade 15. 5000 Odense C   site:

+45 40 25 47 52


Grethe Tranberg was born in 1947, has been a private student of Svend Wiig Hansen and has exhibited at both the artists autumn exhibition (KE) and artists Summer exhibition (KS) in addition to the exhibitions both in Denmark and abroad. She is a member of image artist's Association (BKF), female artists ' Society (PPS), Artist Group MULT and artist Association 18 nobr. When Ravi has for many years been moving in an esoteric landscape with many multi-faceted manufacturing forms, it is natural that there is a certain offset in image perception. Although it can be said that Grethe has been very faithful towards his imagery has to be pleased that at the same time, she has managed the difficult art and with the important core (which calls for distinctive) preserved. For those who have followed her, it is not necessary with long descriptions and explanations, we know that it started in Sunday school, as we know, she was once on the side of the Mediterranean who belong to Africa, and that she has been in Rome and Tuscany. Also, we know that she does not draw, butis a painterand paint all hers characters and landscapes by the painting chaos that occurs when one starts spontaneously and with the inner Tablet completely blank.



Grethe Tranberg painting imaginative pictures of animals and humans in a interaction that is both dramatic and expressive, but also in the balance. Here appearing Angels with naturalness in archetypal modes in a modern colorfull language. She is inspired by medieval imagery and Tuscany's mythological creatures with and without wings in a fertile hilly landscape. Together with the naïve expression and a strong expressive style is Grethe the big storyteller in her paintings. Here's what Grethe even slices of her painting: "I'm working on that color must live, be deep, textuality, vibrating and organic, the form supports the color: the color becomes form, it will be moving and provide motive and history.


Grethe Tranberg

Erik Menveds vej 2,2 tv. 1965 Frederiksberg C

Fastnet:   35 39 58 49. Mobil:      22 93 62 93

Mail:         kunsten050@me.c

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Jeff Ibbo is born 4/2 1941. My paintings are a study of  the human figure (preferably without clothes) to find a painterly expression. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen 1964-70. Participated in approximately 15 juried exhibitions from 1966 to 1991 include KE, Charlottenborg, Tistrup summer exhibit and Kp, Aarhus. Separate Exhibitions, The Fries Building in 1997 -99-2001, Politiken gallery 2010. Published 3 cartoonbooks  1970, 71-72. Many galleries exhibits bla.galleri Marius, gallery Gerly, Art Associations and groups exhibits like Mult (1979-2014, Waiting for Noah in the Broensalen. 2014 Kbh.Berlin 2012 and 2014, Arts for All, Kerteminde artfestival, Samart, Koege. Biography written by Ole Lindbo in 2009



In 1979, I threw myself into a restless naturalistic theme of painting nature and humans, without any particular style. It led me back into an expressively figure painting, with roots in the Flemish ekspressionime (De Smet and Permeke) and Danish artists like Heerup. There is colored outlines around shapes, and large homogeneous surfaces. New debut in 86 at Charlottenborg, and KE91, and an entire wall with self-portraits

in the Ministry of Culture Exhibition Hall in Overgaden 93, together with Flemming Born and Steffen Sølberg. The colored contour disappeared gradually from the mid -90s, to be reborn as an often thin line shape that is tightly composed into the picture surface, and it was very textural, like the pictures I tried to paint in the early sixties. In some very large images, ca. 2 meters in height, I have worked even more with the purely physical painting, directly opposite models. Recently the colored contour is  resurfaced again as a more luminous marking of the figure that preserves the figurative impression and opens for more abstraction.



Jeff Ibbo, Erik Menvedsvej 2, 2 tv. 1965 Frederiksberg C. Denmark



+45 35 39 58 49


Olav Johannisson - har arbejdet som stenhugger. - har udstillet maleri og skulpturer på biblioteker, kunstmesser og markeder, censurerede  og ucensurerede udstillinger, i for- og -baghaver, kunstforeninger, gallerier mm. -  har undervist i div. discipliner inden for det billedkunstneriske område.

Der skulptureres i sten, ler, bronze og senest også i træ, og i størrelser varierende fra et par hundrede gram til  tre tons. Og der udstilles på messer og markeder, i ind- og udland, på gallerier og i kunstforeninger, censuret og ucensuret, og  i forhaver og baghaver. Der laves bestillingsopgaver (Farumsøsti) og til det frie marked. Og så males der, og undervises i div. billedkunstneriske dicipliner.


I stenene er der ofte taget udgangspunkt former fra vores forfædres stenredskaber. Dolke, økser mm., er umådelig elegante og stramme i linierne, og den historiske anknytning og vingesus giver for mig en ekstra dimension. Og de rejses som torsoer.


Lerskulpturerne tager mere eksplicit udgangspunkt i mennesket/kroppen, og er mere naturalistiske om end med en ekspressiv og mere rå fremtræden.


Malerierne har for det meste også referencer til mennesket og noget arkarisk, sakralt og/eller samfundsrelateret. En nyere serie  er lavet med inspiration fra vor natur/naturen. Og fremstår som mere eller mindre abstraherede landskaber.



Det nøgne menneske er for mig, mennesket som sådan, ikke det enkelte konkrete, som i mine musiker-portrætter, men mennesket generelt. Og det at ”gen”-skabe det nøgne menneske, er så at gå på opdagelse i kvaliteter ved mennesket/det menneskelige. Og det må meget gerne være en meget fysik/kropslig virksomhed – ikke kamp, men nydelse -  og det skal også fremstå sådant. Man skal kunne se penselstrøg, kædesavens snit eller redskabernes massen rundt med leret. Det er fysik og skabelse og det er der ingen grund til at skjule. Ikke noget nussen og glatten ud. I leret og træet er det oftest kvinden,- ikke kæresten, ikke søster eller kokkens datter, men moderen, som vi har dyrket i 15.000 år. Siden Villendorf,- Det er Venusser der giver liv. Der skaber. Den store moder - vores alles forudsætning.



Født 18.02.1954 på Poppel alle i Hareskov, Danmark



Olav Johannisson, Poppel alle 40, 3500 Vaerløse, Denmark.

tel: +45 44980630/ +45 25599288.

Site: mail:


Værkerne har ofte en monokrom overflade eller begrænset farveskala. Virkelighedssansninger, komponeret ud fra poesiens væsen. stemninger og genklange fra det indre landskab. Kærligheden til livets mangfoldige veje - at se og sanse med erindringen i bagagen. De fodspor vi

vælger at følge. Stemninger fra fortid og nutid sammensmelter i alle værker.



Kunst er et sprog uden ord. Mit sprog. Alle de valg jeg tager, materialer, strøg, farver... Der min melodi, min passion, min livsholdning, mine oplevelser, der kommer til udtryk. At holde sig vågen, betragte, være vedblivende åben for livets eksistentielle

udfordringer og glæder er mit motiv. At lære, at vokse og blive beriget - eksperimentere...


Vi er født nøgne. Vores kroppe er vidundere, som viser livet mirakler.

Jeg maler helst mennesket nøgent. Nøgenheden er æstetisk ikke erotisk. Det nøgne menneske giver en lighed, som når man sammenligner hjerter på et fad.



Rithva Landler 

Atelier : Guldborgvej 12 kld. 2000 Frb.

Åbent efter aftale. Tlf 22998509


Født 1965 i København. Jeg modellerer mange skulpturer. Menneskeskulpturerne har udgangspunkt i min interesse for at tegne og modellere efter nøgenmodel. Figurerne er modelleret efter levende modeller. Jeg prøver at opnå noget dynamik og humor i samspillet mellem dyr og menneske. Flere af skulpturerne er modelleret over karakterer fra den Nordiske Mytologi. Som regel i forholdet 1:4 eller 1:3. De fleste af mine skulpturer er modelleret i groft ler med masser af chamotte, det giver figurerne en struktur som revnet, råt ler der lige er gravet op af jorden. Strukturen er fremhævet ved hjælp af oxyder, der lægger sig som mørke skygger i fordybningerne.



Vi er alle nøgne. Mine skulpturer er modelleret rå og uforskønnede. Med et strejf af eventyr og humor. 



Rikke Stiig

Hf. Kalvebod 80

2450 Kbh. SV


Video of Talk-event of "the NAKED human art" in vARTe Exhibition Hall 2018

Video af foredrag-event af "det NØGNE menneske" i Kunsthal vARTe 2018

Published Date 11/4 - 2018

Beskrivelse:Video fra vores 333 m2 store kunstudstilling "Det nøgne menneske" i Kunsthal vARte, Varde 2018. Der har været foredrag i kunsthallen - det gik godt!

På denne video ses Kim Bindesbøll Andersen i færd med sit anderledes foredrag. Folk syntes det var interessant og sikke en masse relevante spørgsmål og en god diskussion... diskussionen tog en halv time efter foredraget. Der var godt 20 personer. I kølvandet på foredraget blev der solgt kunst og lavet aftaler om undervisning på egnen i fremtiden.

Description: Video from our 333 m2 big art exhibition "The NAKED human Art" in the Exhibitionhall vARTe in Varde, Denmark. There has been a talk in the exhibitionhall-it went well! On this video is seen Kim Bindesbøll Andersen in the process with its different talk.People thought it was interesting and what a lot of relevant issues and a good discussion ... the diskussion was about half an hour long. There were more than 20 people. In the wake of the talk were sold art and made agreements on education in the region in the future.


Kim Bindesbøll Andersen er ingenør og tidligere formand for Danske Naturister og har i en årrække vakt røre med sit foredrag. Han kan foredragets kunst. Nu er der kommet endnu et opsigtsvækkende foredrag fra hans hånd som det er muligt at booke til udstillingen. Hemmeligheder om nøgenhed medfølger og det er umuligt at forklare sig ud af Kims usædvagenlige foredrag - det skal opleves. Men en ting er sikkert. Man kommer op af stolen som tilskuer og bliver prøvet på sin blufærdighed og egne grænser for nøgenhed. Dette er ikke et almindeligt foredrag - det er provokerende kunst!

Video of "the NAKED human art" in vARTe Exhibition Hall, Varde, Denmark 2018

Video af "det NØGNE menneske" i Kunsthal vARTe, Varde, Danmark 2018

Published Date 11/4 - 2018

Beskrivelse:Video fra vores 333 m2 store kunstudstilling "Det nøgne menneske" i Kunsthal vARte, Varde efter lukketid så man rigtigt kan høre komponist Alfredo Moreleons musik til Lotte Kjøllers "I begyndelsen var billedet" som spreder sig ud over hele udstillingen. Denne video er optaget udenfor Kunsthallens åbningstid så lyden rigtig kan komme til sin ret og derfor er videoen lige så lang som musikken - det betyder at der ikke er publikum i kunsthallen der kan larme - men det betyder også at publikum er borte fra billedet.

Description: Video from our 333m2 art exhibition "The Naked Human Art" in vARte Exhibitionhall, Warned after closing time, so you can really listen to composer Alfredo Moreleon's music to Lotte Kjøller's "In the beginning was the picture" which spreads throughout  all the exhibitionhall. This video is recorded outside the Exhibitionhall´s opening hours so the sound can really come into its own and that is why the video as long as the music-it means that there is no audience in the Arts Hall who can bellow – but it also means that the audience is gone from the picture.


Creating and playing music is also art. And we have a good collaboration with both composer Alfredo Moreleon and the musician Lars Frantsen. It has, among other things, resulted in a joint work of art.


Lars Frantsen is the musician who accompanies composer Alfredo Moreleôn's beautiful soundtrack or different music created and composed for and by Alfredo to the painter Lotte Kjøller's installation "In the beginning was the picture" with the paintings "Starry Sky", "Carried" and "Michael" in the same order on his guitar. Alfredo Moreleon is from Mexico and educated at the music conservatory there. He has lived in Denmark for many years. Lars has been an autodidactic musician for many years and he has together with Alfredo created a compass on live guitar for Lottes Kjøller's work that can be performed during the celebration of our exhibition. This takes about 15 min. After the 15 min. can Lars continue with his own repetition.

Alfredo Moreleón, Composer, was born in México in 1948.Residing in Køge, Denmark since 1981. Married with his Danish wife Inger "Detlow" and they have 2 adult children. He began his musical studies at an early age at the Conservatorio Nacional de la Ciudad de México and continued his studies as a self taught up to today, because, as he says: Music will be a never finished study. During the years he has written music for Orchestra, string ensemble, theatre, cinema, musicals, ballet and other forms of musical endeavors. He has his music Studio in Køge where Lotte Kjoeller has grown up and they consider each other as father and daughter. Of this love is the installation created.


See the process with the installation and listen to the music her at this link.



Guitarist Lars Frantsen is an artistic musician academic mann who performs solo with professional entertainment on classical guitar. So if you should use quiet, classical music and gentle instrumental blues, you can enjoy background music while you eat, keeping reception or artexhobits, look here!


When Lars plays his guitar, he does it professionally and beautifully but discreet and subdued. It's mostly instrumental tracks as f. Ex. Back, Bethoven, Spanish flamenco to classical guitar, gentle blues etc. Lars plays, but he also sings. So if you have an event where you want to have quiet, beautiful and gentle music, and you like the classical guitar, this is for you. It has been found to be excellent for many kinds of artexhibits where the classical, quiet tones complement the art on the wall really nice.



Being natural when you're naked is good for self-confidence and could benefit to many people.


Her kan du se dokumtar fra vores croquisevent på SAK kunstbygning i Svendborg med kvindelig model, Danmark 2017. Udstillingen var i det hele taget virkelig godt besøgt og der var mange som det ses af billederne, der deltog i croquisevent som lå som en happening under ferniseringen. Deltagerne var både mænd og kvinder unge som gamle. Det vakte folks nysgerrighed og man kunne høre fra de gæster der havde vovet sig ind i lokalet for at se udstillingen samtidig at det var lidt provokende og tankevækkende at se på kunst i et rum hvor der findes et nøgent menneske - men at det var meget relevant. For det er jo sådan kunstnerne selv gør sagde man. Der blev tegnet mange fine tegninger og nogle af dem ses her på siden.

Ledet af: Jeff Ibbo og Lars Kræmmer


Here you can see the dokumtar from our croquis event at SAK Exhibitionhall in Svendborg, Denmark.The exhibition was generaly well attended and there were many as can be seen from the pictures, who attended the event which was as a croquis happening during the opening.The participants were both men and women, young and old.It aroused people's curiosity and you could hear from the customers who had ventured into the room to see the exhibition at the same time that it was a little provocative and thought-provoking to look at art in a room where there is a naked person -but that it was very relevant.For the fact is the artists themselves do was said.There was made many noce drawings and some of them can be seen on this site.


Der var croquisevent i Kunsthal vARTe´s Atelier hvor Lotte Kjøller arbejdede imens hun passede udstillingen med "det NØGNE menneske" i Kunsthal vARTe i Varde. Der var 11 personer der tegnede og mandlig model. Søndag kom nogle igen for at tegne selvom det ikke var planlagt som det ses her - der var stort behov. Croquis var de ikke vant til her men alle byens kreative kom. Vi har rørt noget i Varde og eventen fik stedets tegnende til at tale sammen om at arrangere croquistegning i byen bagefter

- de som aldrig havde talt sammen om det før og tegnet i hvert sit hus og alle savnede det. At tegne et nøgent menneske og stå frem som nøgen er noget helt uhørt her - man taler ikke om det. Og vi har gjort det! Så pressen kom og vi fik en fuldsidet 2 sidet artikel mest om begivenheden i Jydske Vestkysten og i mange netaviser fra hele Jylland. Nyheden spredte sig hurtigt. Men det viser bare at events også er kunst. Artiklen som netversion kom helt fra Varde til Lemvig og Fyn dvs. snart hele Jylland.

Ledet af: Lotte Kjøller


There was croquisevent in the Artiststudeo where Lotte Kjoeller is working while she fits the exhibition with "the NAKED human ART" in the vARTe Exhibitionhall in Varde all April 2018.There were 11 people who subscribed. Some came back Sunday after Lottes invitation to draw even though it was not planned. They are not accustomed to here but the city's creative people came.The characters end gave expression to our exhibition is a breath of fresh air in their city and they enjoyed the art. Some say that it is a long time ago that so good art has been in the city. We've touched something in Varde and the event got the participations to talk together to arrange the croquis drawing in the city afterwards -those who had never spoken about it before and all missed it.They are happy to "be shaken a little" and that they want to join us. People talks about us in the city. To draw a naked man and stand as naked is something unique here -we're not talking about it. And we've done it! So the press came and we got a full page 2 sided article mostly about the event in the Jutlands Jydske Vestkysten newspaper and in many internetnewspapers from all over Jutland.  But it just goes to show that events are also art. It is not accustomed in Varde. It is a bomb affectionately. The article as Internet version came entirely from Varde to Lemvig and Fyn it means all Jutland.


Croquisevent med Jeff ibbo som leder i Pakhuset, Nykøbing Sj samt mandlig og kvindelig model. Eventen var efterfølende fernisering for lukkede døre. Der var 20 tegnende med tegnere helt fra København men også fra Nykøbing og omegn.

ENG: Croquis event with Jeff ibbo as head of Pakhuset, Nykoebing Sj. The event was a successive opening for closed doors. There were 20 drawings with painters all the way from Copenhagen but also from Nykøbing and surroundings.